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2012-December-12 update
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2012-November-21 update
The Southern Tasmanian Endurance Riders Inc (STER) Committee would like to invite everyone (in the south of the state) who is interested in endurance, to join them at STER’s AGM.

This is an IMPORTANT MEETING where the future of endurance in the south of the state will be deliberated - the club is at crisis point.

The Committee made an extremely difficult decision at the beginning of this year, to pull all southern rides from the 2012 TEERA ride calendar due to the lack of support. The committee ran one training ride from the Cliftonvale Property (Dysart), which was poorly attended. This is crunch time for the club.

Sunday 27th January 2013
Meeting will commence at 11.30am, followed by a BBQ Lunch.
(we have the site till 4pm)
Waterworks Reserve, Waterworks Road Dynnyrne, Site 2 (covered site)

BYO Meat, drinks plus either a bowl of salad or a desert to be added to the table to share amongst all.


Tammy - or 6268 6699
Ossie Owen - or 6234 7113
2012-November-19 update
2013 Membership 2012 AGM Minutes 2013 TEERA Dinner Performance under Pressure

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Now that things have started to settle I thought I would take the opportunity to pass on my sincere appreciation to everyone who assisted in the successful running of this wonderful event. So many people got behind our small committee and did their bit to promote Tasmania as one of the up and coming thriving endurance riding States in this country. There are in fact too many to mention, you all know who you are and what you have done to help and I thank you wholeheartedly.
As a riding community, we should all be extremely proud of the success achieved by the entire Tasmanian contingent, from those who excelled at the front of the field, to those whose aim was a buckle even though it meant long hours in the saddle and careful tending of their tiring horses. Well done to all. To those who unfortunately did not achieve their goal, the Quilty will be back with us in a few years – aim to achieve that buckle next time.
I think some of the highlights of the event were the presentations and the dinner. To be able to present so many fit, keen and healthy horses after completing 160 kilometres the day before is a credit to the horsemanship being applied. The dinner was certainly the ‘best ever’ with everyone who attended enjoying great food, fantastic music, energetic dancing and lots of laughter.
I believe we have at last lain to rest the cloud which had been hanging over us from previous ill-fated events and anticipate that riders from all over Australia will next time flock to our State to participate in this wonderful iconic ride.
So, now it is over. Again, my thanks go to all those who have supported me in my endeavours as Ride Director over the past months and years.
Pat Hodgetts
Event Director
Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2012
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Click here to go to the boring regular ride info page with online entry link! :-)

2012-Apr-26 update
2012-Apr-16 update
2012-Apr-12 update
2012-Apr-10 update


Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, the Weetah 160/100km ride has been cancelled.

However, a 160/95km ride will be held at Lamprey's property over the same dates.

More information and entry details should be available in the next couple of days.

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Volunteers don’t get paid,
Their worth far exceeds the value of the dollar.
Volunteers are priceless!

On behalf of the State management Committee
THANK YOU for your assistance
in making all TEERA events a success.

Haven’t volunteered yet? Why not contact a club to ask how you can help?
Visit the contacts page to find a ride organiser near you.

2011-August-28 update


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Australasian Endurance Conference and Forum
FEI Event Veterinarians, Officials & Competitors
8th, 9th & 10th of June 2011

Please click here for:
More information about the conference
Registration Form

2011-Mar-21 update
Wynyard ride pictures
 2011-Mar-15 update 2011-Mar-1 update 2011-Mar-7 update 2011-Mar-2 update

Logbook registrar for TEERA is now Danza Hardwicke

Please post all logbook applications to:

Danza Hardwicke
Logbook Registrar
6 Shepherds Road
Railton TAS 7305

Phone 03 6496 1345

2011-Mar-1 update
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Archive of old news from the main page...

2010-Dec-21 update

The TEERA Annual Dinner will be held at the Country Club Casino in Launceston on Saturday, Jan-8 at 7pm. Bus to travel from North West and depending on numbers, possibly bus for Hobart members. Pat Lamprey/Pam Shadbolt will distribute more details soon. A flyer with more information can be downloaded here. UPDATE: Buffet dinner cost is $45 per head. Please advise ASAP if attending so buses can be arranged - call Pat on 6426 7259 or 0400 125267.

The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Latrobe Uniting Church Hall on Saturday, Jan-15 at 11am. The general meeting will be held after this. Voting forms for the vacant positions for the State Management Committee will be sent out to members very shortly. A return envelope will be included with the voting forms and they need to be back to the Returning Officer by Dec-31.

The TQ12 Fundraiser Team Relay Ride is scheduled for Saturday, Jan-22 at Sheffield. This will be a 4 x 30km team relay event to help raise funds for the 2012 Quilty.

For more information please go to the 2011 ride calendar.

Finally, please feel free to use the 'Monitor Website' button in the navbar to receive a reminder email whenever this page is updated. I use this service for many websites and find it very helpful.

*** Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ***


TEERA Dinner - Country Club Casino. Bus to travel from North West and depending on numbers, possibly bus for Hobart members. Pat Lamprey/Pam Shadbolt will distribute more details soon.
AGM - Latrobe Uniting Church Hall. Times to be confirmed.
Matt Bennet's Quilty fundraiser social ride. More details available soon.

2010-Nov-29 update
Tasmanian State Championship ride results are now available: 160km results | 93km results

2010-Nov-21 update
Pointscores updated to 2010-11-13 (including Nietta).

2010-Nov-17 update
BIB NUMBERS 195, 198, 199, 201, 202, 204 and 206
If anyone knows the whereabouts of these orange ride bibs could they please contact Pat Lamprey ASAP?

2010-Nov-16 update
Ride results for Gowrie Park & Nietta are now available. Don't forget that State Champs entries close this Friday!

2010-November-15 update
Online entries for the 2010 Tasmanian State Championships are now open. Entries close this Friday!

2010-November-11 update
A word from the organisers: Please note that there will NOT be a canteen at the Nietta ride this weekend.

2010-November-02 update
Online entries for the Gordon Williams Memorial Ride are now open! See the calendar for more details.

2010-November-01 update
TEERA 2011 State Management Committee
Nomination forms for the 2011 TEERA State Management Committee can be downloaded here.

Tom Quilty 2012 Committee Meeting + Call for helpers
Dear All,
Please be advised that the TQ12 Committee will be holding a general meeting at the Campbell Town Hall on Sunday 21st November from 10.00am. In the supper room downstairs. More people are needed to help make the Tassie Quilty happen. So even if you want to ride you can still contribute by helping out on a sub-committee. Or if you have someone in your crew who can contribute then send them along. All are welcome, hope to see you there.
Tara 6373 6145

2010-October-26 update
STER Dysart ride results now available... again! Don't forget Oss Foley Memorial Ride entries close tonight!

2010-October-25 update
Removed STER Dysart results, pending resolution of timing related issues... sorry! Also a number of notices and miscellanea arising from the State Management Committee meeting of last Friday:

Online Entries
Online entry will be available for all remaining rides this year, including the State Championship. The TEERA State Management Committee have decided to cover the costs associated with the online entry system for all of next year, so this should be available for all 2011 rides as well.

Tom Quilty 2012 Committee Meeting
Please be advised that we will be holding a meeting at the Campbell Town Hall on Sunday 21st November from 10.00am in the supper room downstairs. All welcome! For more info please contact Tara Nicklason on 6373 6145

A Note to Ride Organisers
Track markers need to be made aware that a common bush track is not adequate for today's endurance ride. Arrows need to be placed where they can be seen, in a colour that stands out and does not blend in with the bush. Low limbs and cut off stakes sticking up are dangerous. Take care that the distance is correct.

A timely reminder of Rider Etiquette & Member Conduct Rules

  • 1.1 The principle of fairness and a high standard of conduct must be upheld by all members, ride officials, committees, riders and support teams.

  • 1.2 Members must recognise and respect not only their own rights and responsibilities but also must conduct themselves with due regard to the rights, dignity, safety and welfare of horses, other members, officials, management committee, ride committees and members of the public.

  • 1.3 Members are to conduct themselves in a manner which maintains the reputation and orderly functioning of endurance riding as determined by the AERA Inc. Members Handbook.

2010-October-22 update
STER Dysart ride results now available.

2010-October-18 update
Online entries for the Oss Foley Memorial Ride are now open! See the calendar for more details.
Please note that entries close on Tuesday the 26th of October. This applies to phone entries as well.

Added BBRI Nietta Gordon Williams Memorial Endurance Ride info page link to the calendar.

Added Transfer of Ownership form to the forms page.

Many thanks to those who provided feedback via the website survey. The results were generally very positive and almost everyone was in favour of being able to enter rides via the website. Looking at the summary chart below, the main area for improvement appears to be News Items. There were also requests for more rider stories.

So - if anyone has any stories or news items they would like to share, please send them in to me and I will do my best to get them onto the website! :-)

There was one 'abysmal' vote for the ride results, but there were no comments as to why. One of the goals for this year was to improve the speed of ride results being available on the website. However updating the website is just the last link in a long chain of events that need to occur in order to get accurate ride results. Please make sure your ride entry forms are accurately and fully completed so the chain has a good start - many delays are the result of chasing up missing or incomplete information.

Update to BEER Wynyard ride results, minor changes to the STER Dysart online entry form.

2010-October-05 update
To those attending the STER Dysart Ride this month: Please note that due to horse containment issues at recent rides, ALL YARDS WILL BE CHECKED on the Friday night by the Chief Steward, and TAPED YARDS MUST BE ELECTRIFIED.

BEER Wynyard ride results from yesterday are now available - see the calendar. A big thank you to all those people who entered online - this is a huge time saver for the ride committee. Also check out the new entry statistics page, generated from the online entry data.

And... Lebrina Best Conditioned results added - finally!

In light of events at recent rides, we remind riders and officials of AERA guidelines for


Please see Page 49 of the 2010 AERA RULEBOOK or use the links above.

2010-September-25 update
STOP PRESS!! Last minute BEER ride info!! Due to the Grand Final between St Kilda and Collingwood being played AGAIN on Saturday 2nd October, riders and crew are encouraged to turn up to the ride in their team colours! Keep it within the bounds of common sense, no big flags, balloons or jester hats near the vet ring! There will be a TV on the grounds and we will endeavour to get the results out to our checkpoint operators and competitors who are interested!

2010-September-22 update
Online entries for the STER October Ride are now open! See the calendar or ride info page for more details.

2010-September-16 update

  • Gillian Brame will be in attendance at the Wynyard ride offering EMRT™ (Equine Muscle Release Therapy) mini sessions for your horse and mini Bowen sessions for riders. These therapies are gentle and non-invasive and are able to be performed before, during and after a ride. See the BEER October Ride info page for more details.

  • Notice of STER AGM & End of Year BBQ - Sunday 5th December @ 10am (AGM) & 12 noon (BBQ)
    Click here for more details.

2010-September-15 update
Minor corrections to Lebrina (missing heart-rates) & Pyengana (Max's finish time) results.

2010-September-12 update
Online entries for the BEER October Ride are now open! See the calendar or ride info page for more details.

New results online: Beaconsfield Best Conditioned, Lebrina Placings, Pyengana Placings & Best Conditioned.

2010-September-05 update
Draft 2011 ride calendar added. Beaconsfield Best Conditioned results are still being finalised, but will be posted as soon as they are ready. Lebrina results hopefully not far away either...

2010-August-31 update
Tasmanian State Championship information added to calendar.
Forms for entry nomination (pdf|doc) and sponsorship (pdf|doc) can be downloaded via the provided links.

Thank you to the 33 people who have completed the feedback survey so far. However this number is only a small percentage of the TEERA membership. If you have not yet looked at the survey please consider doing so - it is very short and only takes a couple of minutes to complete. Click here to go to the survey.

2010-August-29 update
Pointscores revised up to and including Beaconsfield.

2010-August-25 update
BEER October ride info added to calendar. Online entry will available for this ride; stay tuned closer to the date.

2010-August-23 update
STER October ride info added to calendar. Minor clarification update to membership form.

2010-August-14 update
The NWEC 2-day ride in October has been cancelled. In its place BEER will be holding an 80/40km ride at Wynyard on the Saturday (Oct-2). More details soon.

2010-August-10 update
Portland September Pyengana Ride info added to calendar.

2010-August-04 update
Oss Foley Memorial Ride info added to calendar.

2010-August-02 update
Beaconsfield Bash 80km and 40km results now available. Best conditioned results coming soon.

2010-July-28 update
STER Cliftonvale results now available.

2010-July-24 update
Entries for the Beaconsfield Bash are still being accepted up until Wednesday 28th. Thank you to those riders who have already entered - based on numbers so far we are arranging for an extra vet.

NEEEC Jolley Lette Memorial Ride info added to calendar.

2010-July-21 update
Photos from the Cliftonvale ride are now available from Matt Bennet's website.

2010-July-19 update
New registration phone number for the Beaconsfield Bash. Please remember they are asking for all ride entries to be in by this coming Sunday 25th.

2010-July-1 update
Provisional course map added to STER Cliftonvale info.

To celebrate the anniversary we are hoping to attract a record number of entries – at least 100 in the main ride so start planning now!!!!!!!

All endurance riders from across Australia are invited to the historic village of St Albans, just north west of Sydney, for the 30th 400km Shahzada marathon endurance ride from August 23-27, 2010, eight weeks after the Quilty in Manilla and five weeks prior to the NSW State Championships for all those contemplating The Big Three. Camping is available from 14/8 at the ride base as well as accommodation at many local venues….check out the Shahzada website reserve your number if you are a regular and read some of the stories from past rides to get you motivated……there is no other ride like this one!!!!!

The marathon event is run over five days on local roads and tracks – McKechnies, Woomera Path, Shepherds Gully, Johnny’s Hill, The Steps and Prestons – a great deal of work has been done on the course over the last few years under the guidance of Allan Caslick and Brad Jones - track clearing days will be announced soon…..if you can come and help please contact Brad. These improved tracks with the elimination of many tarred road verges and the wonderful help and advice from the veterinary panel during the ride over the last few years headed up by Kym Hagon, has established a very good completion rate – everyone who completes receives a highly coveted Shahzada buckle. So inspired, Kym will be riding the marathon this year!!!

In addition to the 400km event – “the ride of your life”, there will be a 120 km Training Ride (Mini Marathon) over three days (experience the passion and wonderful riding tracks of the Macdonald Valley without the pressure). Come for the fun and the challenge – be part of the excitement – apart from the riding, the social committee will ensure that it is a week to remember.

Enquiries: Sue Todd (02) 6379 7218 or email Additional Shahzada information is available on where you can see daily updates during the week of the ride.

2010-June-18 update
Kimberley 40km results posted! Correction to Sassafras lightweight results. Link to 2010 Manilla Quilty.

2010-June-15 update
STER Cliftonvale ride info added.

2010-June-12 update
Kimberley 80km results posted. 40km results to follow soon. Update to Beaconsfield entry information.


To enable the database (and this website) to be updated after each ride, could Ride Secretaries please send copies of the following forms to Sonia Hodgetts, TEERA Secretary, after each ride:

Endurance Ride (80km and above) Forms:

  1. Master Ride Sheets
  2. Best Conditioned Horse Sheets
  3. Weigh In Sheet
  4. Timekeepers Sheet
Training Ride (40km) and Introductory Ride (20km and below) Forms:
  1. Master Ride Sheets

Forms can be sent by email to or by post to 1022 Murchison Highway,
Elliott 7325. The Ride Return & Fee sheet has been updated to reflect this. This form is available under the Ride Organisers Forms section of the Forms page.

2010-May-28 update
St. Helens & Sassafras ride results posted. Still waiting on some information for the Kimberley results sorry.

Attention riders....... Are you heading to the Manilla Quilty?

Would you like to represent your state by being part of the TEERA Team at this year’s Quilty? If so, please forward your interest, along with relevant ride/completion details to
Sonia Hodgetts. Applications must be received by Wednesday 16th June.

Good luck to all those travelling to this year’s Tom Quilty Gold Cup.

2010-May-28 update
Corrections to Weetah & Kentish results. Still waiting on results for Kimberley sorry. Added some emailed-in photos from St.Helens. Changed date for STER Cliftonvale ride.

2010-May-5 update
Weetah 160 & 100 results are now available from the ride calendar...


The TEERA management committee believe there is a need for Ride Secretaries to get together for a day and nut out some of the more standard procedures. We have scheduled it in for SUNDAY 13 JUNE 2010, 09:30 - 15:00 at the Campbell Town Hall.

Some possible items for discussion are detailed below:

* Contact list for all secretaries
* Ride secretaries pre-ride checklist and other procedures
* Ride stationery - make sure all have current copies.
* Manually entering results
* Tips and tricks to make job easier (standardised letter to Forestry/land holders, sponsorship etc)
* Ride database - necessary information. Run through the process and distribute the 'how to' manual.
* General Business

TEERA asks that each club send along at least one representative to this day. If you are a current Ride Secretary and you have any forms, checklists or advice which you think might help make our role easier OR if you have any agenda items or something you would like to bring up for discussion please email Sonia Hodgetts or phone 0438 810 719.

Please RSVP to Sonia by 7 June 2010.


Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2010 - Manilla, NSW

  • Spirit of Tasmania fare sheet (pdf format) and booking form (pdf, xls) for those planning to take horses to the Manilla Tom Quilty in June this year.

  Anyone with spare horses for Weetah?

  • Adam Dolman & Vanessa Burton are looking for horses to ride in the Weetah 100 miler. They have ridden at Burnie, Kentish & Labrina this year, but their horses aren't ready for 100 miles yet. If anyone can help them out their phone numbers are 6438 4246 & 0427 087744.

Ride Calendar Update - April 14

Lost & Found

  • Motorola flip phone found at Lebrina ride on Saturday. Contact Tony Cordell on 0419 113 504.

Woodstock Ride Results & Other Updates

North East Equine Endurance Club

  • New Committee, New Track. Lebrina Recreation Ground 10th April 2010.

  • See the ride calendar for more details or click here.

Equine Touch Clinic - New Details

Kentish Ride Results

  • Results from the Kentish ride this weekend can be accessed from the ride calendar.

  • If anyone has any pictures from the ride they would like displayed on this website, please resize them to 800 pixels wide and email them to

Portland 100 Miler - Change of Ride Status

  • The Portland ride at St. Helens in May is no longer an Elevator ride. It will be a 40/80/160km only.

TEERA General Meeting

  • Friday 19 March 2010, 7pm @ Uniting Church Hall, Hamilton Street, Latrobe.

BEER Lions Park Ride Results

Upcoming Ride Information

Ride Results!

March - Equine Touch Clinic

--- END ---