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Welcome to the TEERA website! Current news and ride information can be found on this homepage and the ride calendar. Please direct any comments, suggestions or news items to the SMC for approval and they will be passed on for inclusion on the website. Also check out the Tassie Endurance Facebook Group for news, gossip, adverts etc.


From now on please use the following address to reach the TEERA website:

Information on upcoming rides will continue to be available both at this address and on the
Tasmanian Equine Endurance Riders Facebook Group

2016-January-4 update

Happy New Year!

Please go to the new
2016 TEERA Website for the latest information.

This website is no longer being updated.








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Due to safety issues, the Kimberley Fire Brigade Challenge will now be held at
Pat & Dicky Lamprey's Property, at 125 Smith and Others Road, Sassafras.

All other ride information remains the same.

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Please note that the Sunday rides have been removed from the calendar.

The Saturday 120km elevator ride and 40km training ride WILL go ahead.
Ride details & entry form will be posted shortly.

2014-February-08 update
2014-January-21 (updated Feb-08)



Pam Shadbolt has been appointed to the role of TEERA Logbook Registrar.

Effective immediately, please send all logbook related forms to Pam at the following address:

TEERA Registrar
44 Merseylea Road

home: 0364961309  mob: 0409 423 432  email:

Contrary to the intial posting, please note that
TEERA Memberships are still managed by Pat Lamprey.

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Horse Riders & Road Safety Community Meeting - Kentish

Road safety is an important issue in Kentish and it has recently been highlighted how horse riders are affected. The Kentish & Latrobe Community Road Safety Partnership wishes to meet with affected community members to listen to their concerns and suggestions for improving road safety for horse riders. The meeting aims to:

• Listen to the road safety concerns of riders in the community
• Identify the number of riders in Kentish, the routes they ride and how frequently
• Discuss possible strategies to improve road safety for riders

Should you wish a particular topic to be discussed, please contact Chris Clark prior to the meeting.

A light supper will be provided.

Who:       Horse Riders, and interested community members
Where:    Sheffield Town Hall, High Street, Sheffield
When:     Thursday, 4th July, 2013
Time:      6:00pm

For further information please contact:

Chris Clark Ph. 03 6491 2500
Kentish Council Fax 03 6491 1659

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Logbook registrar for TEERA is now Penny Barnes

Please post all logbook applications to:

Penny Barnes
Logbook Registrar
15255 Tasman Highway
Cranbrook TAS 7190

phone: 0458 525 378 email:

TEERA State Sectretary is now Kaye Mitchell - 6438 4221

phone: 03 6438 4221 email:

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